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Please join us for the...

2019 First Saturday Sampler BOM!

We're excited to offer two options this year:

1) "Sleigh Bells" a fun primitive Winter quilt
2) "Modern Building Blocks" a bold, colorful modern quilt

You're invited to attend either or both starting:
Saturday, January 5th
Sleigh Bells (8:00 / 9:30 / 12:30 / 3:30)
Modern Building Blocks (11:00 / 2:00)

12 month program - we meet every first Saturday & Sunday of each month. 
Cost: $30 to enroll and $5 for the first month's block - free thereafter when you complete each months' block.

What is First Saturday?
At Fiddlesticks Quilt Shop, it's our annual Block of the Month (BOM) program which occurs on the first Saturday of each month and it's a lot of fun!  This year, we are going to offer TWO very different quilts, Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek and Modern Building Blocks from Moda.  This class is a lecture/demo, so no need to bring your machine.  This monthly event is a great way to meet new people, socialize with friends and work on something together.
What does it cost?
Registration is $30.00 + $5.00 for your first block.  For each of our programs there will also be a heavily discounted pattern/book fee.  As long as you come to class on first Saturday with the last month’s block's completed, you get the kit for the next month free.  If you don't get your blocks done, there is a $5.00 fee for that month, which can be waived with a good excuse.  Don’t worry, everyone misses one or two…..we’ll get you caught up!
What do you get?
Each month, you’ll receive instruction, demonstration and written handouts and one or more fabrics to use with your quilt.   We will not give you all of the fabrics, as we strongly encourage creativity and want your quilt to be YOUR quilt.  You will need to provide additional fabrics for your project. Classes last from 30-45 minutes, plan on staying for the whole class, It's a lot of fun and there are always door prizes at the end!
When is the First Saturday BOM?
On the first Saturday of each month, January through December.  At each month's meeting we also have show and tell!  We LOVE to see the projects your working on!  December’s meeting will be our “Reveal Party”, where we get to see your finished quilt tops! (and have cake!)  Everyone who arrives with a completed quilt top will be entered into one of two drawings for free long arm quilting service (edge-2-edge, design of your choice) for your quilt, (up to $100.00.)

Times:   Sleigh Bells: Saturday (8:00 / 9:30 / 12:30 / 3:30) & Sunday (12:30 / 3:30)
               Modern Building Blocks:  Saturday (11:00am or 2:00pm) & Sunday (2:00)

Classes are staggered so that it's easy to do both BOM's if you wish.  You are not assigned a class time, you can come to whichever class works better for you that month.  (the AM class times are the busiest, though....)

The dates for 2019 are:
   January 5th & 6th                                             July 6th & 7th
     February 2nd & 3rd                                              August 3rd & 4th
            March 2nd & 3rd                                                 September 7th & 8th
          April 6th & 7th                                                 October 5th & 6th
            May 4th & 5th                                                   November 2nd & 3rd
              June 1st & 2nd                                                December 7th & 8th

Can I do this via Mail-order?
Yes, It's all the same, except we'll mail out your package on the Tuesday following First Saturday.  A one-time $25.00 mailing fee will apply, which will cover the entire year. 

How do I enroll?
Call the shop - we can get you signed up over the phone (360) 718-7103
Visit the shop - check out some sample blocks and sign up!

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