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2020 First Saturday Sampler BOM
and upcoming classes

We've got a short class schedule to share with you for now, with more great new things to come!
         2020 Block of the Month / First Saturday Sampler

This will be our 8th Annual BOM / First Saturday Sampler and this year, we're doing an original quilt by Cheran Bee, called "Grateful".  The quilt will be available in three sizes; King, a generous Queen and a large throw.  It will also be offered in two colorways; one based on the colors of fabrics from designer's like Kim Diehl, Janet Nesbitt (One Sister Designs) and Stacy West (Buttermilk Basin).  The other colorway will be bright and happy and reminiscent of Lori Holt, of Bee in my Bonnet. 
In addition to the three sizes and two colorways, there are also area's of optional applique or additional piecing.  So, if you don't enjoy applique, you don't have to do it!  One more great thing about this quilt is that the individual units for the quilt are all the same size... so if you start out making the throw size and decide you really like it and want to make the queen or king size, just make more blocks!

Here's a sketch of the quilt.

First Saturday Sampler Basics: 
$30.00 to Register (which includes your binder and pattern) and $5.00 for your January block.
How it works
  • Each month, come to class with the completed sections from the prior month.  Pick up your next month's pattern and fabric kit for free.
  • The class is lecture / demo format, so no hauling your sewing machine anywhere.  Just grab a friend and come have fun!  You may even win a door prize!
  • If you miss class or don't get your "homework" done, pay $5.00 for your next kit, (unless you were sick or your boss made you work the day of class). Just come in anytime after the "first Saturday weekend" to pickup your kit. 
  • We provide a section of the pattern each month, along with some of the fabric. 
  • We'll never give background fabric, so that each person may choose their own background color.  The program is designed for each of you to use fabrics you love (and may already have in your stash) so that each quilt is unique and personal. The shop will also have lots of fabrics to support the quilt.
  • You are not required to use any fabric you are given, so if you'd like to set that aside and do something completely different you are welcome to do so.  We encourage you to be creative and make the quilt your own.
  • Pattern and fabric kits will be provided January thru November.  December is our reveal month with Show-and-Tell and treats!

Can I do this via mail order?
  • If you live out of the area, you can participate via mail-order.  Shipping is a one time fee of $25.00 to cover S&H for the year, with kits mailed out the week after "first Saturday weekend". 

Dates and Times:
At this time, classes are scheduled for the First Saturday of each month at various time throughout the day.  You're welcome to attend any time that fits your schedule.  Additional times on the Friday before and/or the Sunday after will be considered based on enrollment.  IF you are enrolled in this class, you will receive an email around the end of the year listing the actual dates and times for all classes. 
Always the first Saturday (unless noted)
  January 4th
  January 25th (Catch-up class for late enrollment!)
  February 1st
  March 7th
  April 4th
  May 2nd
  June 6th
  July 11th (the first Saturday in July is July 4th, the shop will be closed.)
  August 1st
  September 5th
  October 3rd
  November 7th
  December 5th (Party and Reveal Show-and-Tell!)

How do I enroll?
Please drop by the shop or call to register.
The class must be paid at signup to be considered enrolled.
Fiddlesticks UFO Club
We're going to try something new this year.  Most day's I'm in the shop, I listen to at least one quilter express the guilt they are carrying around over unfinished projects.  And I'm not exempt.  I have so, so many unfinished projects.  So many that I've had to organize them.  I know I'm not alone, so, I've come up with a plan...   A plan to support and encourage and help you focus on these projects that are unfinished and weighing on all of us.  Plus we have incentives for you to finish.  We're giving away 4 gift certificates (3 up to $100.00 depending on the number of projects you finish and a grand prize of $300.00 - see below for details).  How's that for motivation!

Does your sewing room look like this...  Let's turn these into finished projects!
UFO Club details

$25.00 Registration
How it works
  • Arrive at the first class on January 18th with a list of 10 unfinished projects.
  • UFO's are project that are started.  Stitches must have been taken!
  • We're not here to judge...the item for each month should be something that is do-able for you.  If that is one block, fine.  If it's completing 20 blocks for a quilt top, that's fine also. 
  • If you're like me at all, you have many sets of quilt blocks done, just needing to be sewn into a top.  So, your list may read "one of three: assemble "xyz" blocks into quilt top",  "two of three: quilt the "xyz" quilt", "three of three: Bind the "xyz" quilt".  If the number drawn on any given month is out of order, (you obviously cannot bind a quilt that is not made or quilted) this is the only reason you may switch the order. 
  • There are no size requirements for your projects.
  • At the January meetings, each person will receive a UFO club stamp card.  Each month (January thru October) a number will be drawn.  Each of the four meeting times will have a separate number drawn.  You'll go home and work on the project with that number from your list. 
  • Come to the club meeting the next month with your project for show-and-tell.  If your project is done, you'll get a stamp on your card and a ticket for the drawing to win the "pot".   If your project is not done, there is a penalty... you'll need to bring a Fat Quarter for the "pot".
  • If you skip the club meeting, you will not be eligible for a stamp for your completed project.
Additional Motivation
(Discounts and Prizes)
  • By having a club card, you are automatically entitled to a 10% discount at the end of our Club year, from Saturday, November 21st until Saturday, December 5th.  Each month you complete your project and receive a stamp on your card, it's worth 1% more, up to 20% off anything you wish during those dates. 
  • Every person in the club will be entered into an in-store drawing for one of four gift certificates.  For the first three gift certificates, each stamp on your card will be worth $10.00 up to $100.00.  For the grand prize each person that has at least 7 stamps on their card, is entered in a special drawing for a $300.00 Gift Certificate.  Gift certificates are good towards merchandise only.
Dates and Times
  • The UFO club will be on the third Saturday of each month. 
  • There will be four club times, with 26 spots in each.  You will need to come at the same time each month.  Unlike the BOM, if you enroll in Session 1, you will stay in session 1. 
Session 1  -  10:30 am 
Session 2  -  12:30 pm
Session 3  -  2:30 pm 
Session 4  -  4:30 pm
All the THIRD Saturday of the month
  January 18th
  February 15th
  March 21st
  April 18th
  May 16th
  June 20th
  July 18th
  August 15th
  September 19th
  October 17th
  November 21st
Just think, if we have 4 classes of 26 people and they each complete 10 projects, that's ONE THOUSAND AND FORTY PROJECTS DONE!  That doesn't even count mine!

And, IF the reason you don't have your project done, is because you are stuck, or maybe you don't know how to do the next step, or maybe you've tried and you feel like you need help, we are going to help you there too.  The class is "P.I.G.S. Day Out".  P.I.G.S. stands for "Projects in Grocery Sacks".  It's what we do when we are stuck.  It all goes in a bag or bin or storage container and gets set aside.  See below for details.

How do I enroll?
Please drop by the shop or call to register.
The class must be paid at signup to be considered enrolled.
P.I.G.S. Day Out!

P.I.G.S. Day Out is a class just for you, with an expert teacher dedicated to the classroom for 4 hours to help you over any hurdle you are facing, to get you past the place you are stuck, to help you on the path to finish that project. 
P.I.G.S. Day Out!
Classes are on Sunday's, from 12:30pm until 4:30pm with Kathi Miller.
Cost:   $15.00
Sunday, January 26th
Sunday, February 23rd
Sunday, March 29th
Sunday, April 26th
With more dates coming......
How do I enroll?
Please drop by the shop or call to register.
The class must be paid at signup to be considered enrolled.


  Snails Trail Al Fresco

Teacher: Sharleen Rainville
February 22nd  10:30 am  - 5:00 pm
Cost: $40.00
This quilt is based on a Snail's Trail block and gives the illusion of a lot of curves, all with straight line piecing.  It will be a lot of fun and the snazzy rulers will make piecing a breeze!
 How do I enroll?
Please drop by the shop or call to register.
The class must be paid at signup to be considered enrolled.
One Block Wonder

Teacher: Kathi Miller
March 14th, 10:30am - 5:00pm
Cost:  $50.00
A classic quilt, using one fabric to make a kaleidoscope effect quilt  -  and each one is amazing.  A new twist is to use a panel and place the One Block Wonder blocks around the panel.  The effect is amazing!
If you'd like to preview fabrics for this technique, go to the following website:
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